Radiohead Live From the Basement

November 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

I hated Radiohead. The songs I associated with them were basically all “Creep” to me. I didn’t know the names of the other Radiohead songs that I possibly could recognize (which amounted to 2) if under extreme duress. My familiarity was only what I heard on the radio, which I never listen to in the first place. It sounded like crap to me. And in fact, I still hate “Creep.”

But one day, as I was getting dressed in my bedroom and had put on the sometimes tolerable Palladia TV channel to have music on in the background, as I do at all times at every moment I can, I saw and heard this video. I was familiar with the awesome “From the Basement” series from the White Stripes performance. But this music was different. And the musicians were actually making it themselves, instead of studio sound engineers and an autotuner.

I sat and watched, and became hooked. You may not like every single song here, but there are some amazing performances within.



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