Using Bookmarks as a Progress Indicator

June 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

I’m kind of a neat-freak. I admit it. I don’t see organization as a flaw, however, and it makes my life less stressful. To that end, I have a TON of bookmarks, mostly devoted to design and development of WordPress items. I manage them as best as I can, and every now and then I’ll go into my manager and weed out the ones that are outdated, whether from my learning the skill or WP integrating the very thing I had bookmarked into core. Either way, you have to cull the herd every now and then.

It’s a nice feeling, though, when I can go through them and check them off and delete them because I know how to code something or have learnt(to be briefly British) a design technique I needed to know. They’ll just pile up if I don’t because it’s a never-ending process of learning. Ask any developer, and I’m sure they’ll tell you they spend no small amount of time looking at new tools and libraries that appear daily, it seems, to make our lives easier. It doesn’t. There’s too many “new” ways to do the same thing. 

But that’s how it goes. And as someone who is self-taught, a skill that is a necessity in this field– it’s rewarding to go through and strike the bookmarks down as something I can now explain to others if needed.




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