Grateful Dead Live at Boston Garden on 1977-05-07


This is such a great Grateful Dead show. Lots of people like the next night’s better, but the energy is incredible here. There are a lot of tuning breaks and dead air, basically, but I think it’s because they were going to record some songs for production and wanted everything to be just right, as Bobby says. So many awesome renditions and hugely dynamic.


If you live in the Louisville area, I run a Grateful Dead Meetup Group. Find us at

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Free Retro Fonts


I’m into retro stuff, and always on the lookout for free retro things. Here’s a list of some awesome free retro fonts that I’ve been using on projects. I curate my typefaces like they are Fabrege’ eggs or something. But these are free to download and use as you like.

Google launches Contributor, a crowdfunding tool for publishers


Bitcoin micropayments would work really well here.


[company]Google[/company] often gets criticized by publishers for taking their content without asking them first, but the web giant has probably done more to experiment with alternative monetization options for content than any other media entity. On Thursday it starts rolling out a new one called Google Contributor, which is designed to allow web users to pay sites that they visit a monthly fee, and in return see no Google ads when they visit those sites.

Google said the new feature is launching with 10 publishing partners, including Mashable, Imgur, WikiHow and Science Daily. When a user goes to the Google Contributor website (initial access is by invitation only), they see a list of the publishers that are participating in the beta version and they can choose whether they want to contribute $1, $2 or $3 a month.

The contribution — which is handled through a user’s Google account, using whatever…

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Mastering the post_class() Function



The post_class() function is one of the many functions provided by WordPress to facilitate theme development. As the name suggests, the post_class() function outputs an HTML class attribute and sets its value to classes related to the post being output.

The correct way to use the function is to add it to the HTML tag that serves as the container for the post content:

The post classes

The number and the name of the classes output by the post_class() function depends on the properties attached to a specific post. Here is an overview of the different possibilities and the contexts in which they are added.

hAtom compliance

WordPress respects the hAtom microformat. Therefore every post has an .hentry class added to it to respect the specification. This class is a great way to target both posts and pages in your CSS.

Post ID

An example of the post ID class might be

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So, The Party’s Over Here?


I just stumbled across this old blog that I have linked up to some stuff, apparently, and noticed I have over eight hundred followers. I’m not sure how or why that happened, but it obviously means I need to clean this place up. So a new theme, some tweaks and flips of switches and we’ll see what happens. I have been posting a little more than normal, but not here, really. I need to figure out where everybody came from.