Here’s what Google’s Alphabet will look like in 2050

August 11, 2015 § Leave a comment

I’m totally fascinated by this business move by Google/Alphabet.


On Monday Google announced plans for a corporate organization, one that reimagines Google as “a collection of companies” under an umbrella corporation named “Alphabet.” While the name “Alphabet” is presumably meant to convey the diversity of stuff Google has its hands in, we noticed Google’s new “collection” of companies, including Google X and Wing (its drone delivery effort), only accounts for a few letters of the alphabet. Actually, most of Google’s companies start with the letter “G.”

So we imagined what Google’s Alphabet might look in the future:

A is for Auto. Once self-driving cars hit the road en masse, Google auto expands to include a line of self-driving hovercraft so that technophiles can fly above the traffic-plagued masses.

B is for Baby. This division of Google is responsible for all of your child’s self-tracking needs.

C is for Calico. Created in 2013, this is Google’s life extension play. Why would anyone…

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