Taking Care of Each Other

September 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

I always enjoy Byron’s writings. Very little ever changes at WFS.

What Matters Most

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It’s a great privilege to welcome you here to this special place at the start of the 127th year at Woodberry Forest. I want to offer a warm welcome to all 128 new boys. I hope and trust that no matter where you are from you will come to think of Woodberry as a second home, the community of teachers and coaches and fellow students that cared for you and challenged you and shaped you at the most formative time in your life. Thirty-two years ago, my parents dropped me off at Woodberry as a new boy fourth former. From the moment I came on campus I had a feeling I have never shaken, a feeling that I might have had fleetingly in other places, but never so enduringly as I do at Woodberry Forest: Here I feel big and small at the same time. Right away, as a…

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