My Darling Cecelia

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Come join me on Switchboard for spontaneous voice chat

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Dog & fire.

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NYC Mayor Vows to Protect His Municipal Identification Program from Donald Trump — Observer

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I’d be interested in how “Mr. Do-Nothing” plans to accomplish this. Is he willing to go up against the US Justice Department and the Attorney General? Doubtful. It’s still politics as usual for this incapable bag of fail. He’d better get his empty promises in before January, because things are going to change, if anything goes as planned.

Bill de Blasio promised the identities of undocumented applicants for the city’s IDNYC program will be protected under a Trump administration.

via NYC Mayor Vows to Protect His Municipal Identification Program from Donald Trump — Observer

A new pair of boots is a big deal in my life. I tend to keep these things for decades and have them resoled and conditioned regularly. I don’t buy them often in other words. These will probably be on my feet when I finally croak.

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Grateful Dead Graphic

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This is a graphic that was a tag on a commemorative edition guitar that Alvarez released. I’m fortunate enough to own one, which I’ve modified to play like butter. The front of the guitar is screen printed to resemble this graphic, with the sound hole where the lightning bolt is. The dancing bear is on the backside of the headstock, and there’s a mother of pearl lightning bolt inlay on the 12th fret. It’s a lot of fun to play and sounds awesome. I suppose I could take a photo, instead of being lazy.



This is Great

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Degas’ ‘Chunk in Repose’

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My Favorite Car of All Time

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I grew up around cars and although I don’t know as much as some mechanics that repair cars for a living, I can hold my own in a garage. And through the years I’d estimate I’ve gone through about 20 cars, and driven a lot more than that, whether that’s me being a designated driver of a Rolls Royce or in a rental car as I was last week, and drove a Jaguar XF for several days.

But if I could only have one car, this would be it. Guards Red Porsche 356n with tan interior. Perfect. Of course, I’d also need the cabrio for those days you can’t have a top. Birthday’s in May.

Did I Mention I Like Dogs?

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Human Takes His Dog On Epic Adventures, Proves That Dogs Are The Best Travel Buddies @aspenthemountainpup 🐕🐶

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